The Best Ways to Clean Your Scalp

A clean scalp is important for healthy hair. Most people wash their hair every day but this alone may not be enough to maintain scalp health. There are several remedies that can be used to keep your scalp clean.


The way that scalps have been cleaned for years is with a shampoo. The shampoo is applied over the hair and scalp and rubbed into the head. The shampoo is then rinsed out, taking the dirt with it. The best kind of shampoo to use for a clean scalp is designed for your hair type and scalp type. If you typically have oily hair and scalp, then use a shampoo designed for oily hair. Some shampoos are specifically designed to address scalp issues such as dandruff.

Anti-Fungal Treatment

If scalp issues are present--such as dandruff, flaking, dry scalp, oily scalp, scalp acne or even scalp wounds--then a special treatment may be required to keep the scalp clean. These issues may make the traditional function of scalp cleaning painful or ineffective. If you have a persisting scalp problem then you will want to contact a dermatologist right away. He can help you discover the best way to keep your scalp clean and eliminate the scalp problem.


One aspect of scalp cleaning that many people overlook is the idea of massaging the head rather than scratching it. If you scratch your scalp you can aggravate problems under the skin. Scratching the scalp may encourage your scalp to produce more oil, which will make your scalp dirty. The scalp should always be massaged with the pads of the fingers during shampooing.


Conditioners can help keep scalps clean, but they also can cause unnecessary build-up along the scalp which keeps the scalp in a constant state of grime and dirt. Leave-in conditioners are the worst for scalp cleanliness. If your hair feels oily and greasy after the application of a conditioner, then you can probably abandon the practice and your scalp will stay cleaner longer.

Shampoo Alternatives

Many people feel that using shampoo is not the best way to keep a scalp clean. The chemical presence in the shampoos is a cause of worry. Aloe vera is a commonly used alternative to shampoos. The soothing gel keeps hair hydrated and the scalp clean and free of common scalp issues. Eggs are also used to clean the scalp. The egg mixture is followed with a rinse in rose water to keep the hair smelling fresh. Some people wash their hair in water alone.

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