Fundraising Ideas for a Nursery School

Updated February 21, 2017

Parents of preschool-age children want to ensure their little ones are exposed to activities that are both fun and intellectually stimulating. However, these supplies and excursions can be quite expensive, so occasionally it's necessary for parents, teachers and administrators to raise funds in order to foot the bill. Fundraising for preschoolers can pay for everything from new crayons and colouring books to playground equipment.

Parents' Night Out

This fundraising idea is one that parents and kids can get excited about. Have the nursery school or day care centre your child attends agree to babysit until late at night. Each parent pays about £6 to drop their child off in the evening, complete with pyjamas, sleeping bag and pillow. Parents get to go out on the town knowing their child is safe with a trusted authority, and kids get the rare opportunity to play with their friends during after-school hours. Kids can settle down for a fun movie, and enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate before bedtime.

Bake Sale

Bake sales are a popular fundraiser for any age group, including preschoolers. Parents gather and decide who's going to bake which treats. Ideas include sheet cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies. Set prices for all desserts and advertise the location, date and time to relatives, co-workers, friends and community residents. Have the kids add personal touches; help them add candy to the cookies, edible sparkles and glitter to the cakes and cupcakes, or guide their tiny hands to write their names with the icing.

Movie Night

Have a local cinema sponsor a movie night. Ask that a portion of ticket sales and concessions be donated to the preschoolers' cause in exchange for the increased traffic generated by the event.

Yard Sale

One fundraising idea is to organise a yard sale. Have teachers, parents, school administrators, relatives and friends donate unused clothing, books, appliances and toys to be sold at the yard sale. Advertise the sale by word of mouth; also post flyers in and around your neighbourhood, at the grocery store, library, community centre and church. Bring your kids to the yard sale; the event may prove to be an exciting toy exchange.

Order by Catalog Fundraiser

Contact a catalogue company that specialises in fundraising. Distribute the catalogues with items for sale to parents, relatives, teachers and administrators. Set a deadline; once you've received everyone's order, submit the orders to the sponsoring catalogue company. You can either collect the money when you submit the orders, or upon distribution of the goods.

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