Substitutes for Whipping Cream & Evaporated Milk

Updated July 20, 2017

When cooking or baking with whipping cream or evaporated milk, you sometimes find yourself in need of an alternative because you don't have the right ingredients on hand. Whipping cream and evaporated milk can often be used as alternatives for each other. If you have a dairy allergy or are trying to watch your weight, there are a few other simple alternatives available.

Alternatives for Whipping Cream

For cooking and baking, Recipe Gold Mine recommends substituting 3/4 cup of milk and 1/3 cup of butter or margarine for 1 cup of whipping cream. This substitution offers a similar fat content to heavy whipping cream so it won't change the final product.

Alternatives for Evaporated Milk

When finding an alternative to evaporated milk for the purpose of baking, it is important to choose an ingredient with a similar fat content so that the composition of the recipe doesn't change too much. For evaporated milk, Joy of Baking recommends substituting half and half cream with 10 to 12 per cent butterfat, light or table cream with 20 per cent butterfat, or light or heavy whipping cream with 30 to 35 per cent butterfat. When using one of these substitutes, make sure to use the same amount that was recommended in the recipe for evaporated milk.

Topping Alternatives

Whipping cream -- which is simply cream that has been whipped to a foam-like consistency -- is often used as a topping on desserts such as strawberry shortcake. If you need to use a substitute for whipping cream as a topping, you can use almost anything because it won't affect the recipe. Non-fat whipped topping is a good alternative as a topping for people who are watching their weight. Evaporated milk whipped with 1 tsp of lemon juice also serves as an alternative to whipping cream.

Non-Dairy Alternatives

You may need a non-dairy alternative to whipping cream or evaporated milk if you are cooking for someone who has a dairy allergy, is lactose-intolerant or is a vegan. The best non-dairy alternative for whipping cream is coconut cream, according to Savvy Vegetarian. For evaporated milk, substitute with soy or almond milk; these work better than rice milk because they contain fat.

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