King & queen crafts for kids

Updated March 23, 2017

Children love imaginative play, and being a king or queen can create endless hours of adventure. A perfect theme for a playdate or birthday party, the theme of kings and queens generates many creative craft opportunities. From the beauty of a royal crown to a make-believe siege on a cardboard castle, boys and girls can enjoy the wonder of the royal life.


Rule an imaginary kingdom on high from a custom-decorated throne of royal proportions. Add some extra height to an ordinary chair by taping a strong piece of cardboard to the top of the chair's back. Cover the entire chair, including the extension, with a large sheet that drapes onto the floor. Glue a thick band of ribbon to the middle front of the back of the chair. Wrap it around again and create an elaborate bow on the back.

Provide children with additional decorative materials, such as markers, sequins, glitter, ribbon, tulle and other types of fabric. Encourage them to decorate their own thrones with whatever materials they want. If supplies are limited, ration each child a certain amount of each material and allow them to trade with other children to achieve the design they want.


Create a crown from a ring of cardboard. Start by laying a long, rectangular strip of cardboard on the table and drawing the shape of the crown in pencil. Use scissors to cut the shape out, and then wrap the edges of the cardboard together. Size it to the child's head and trim it if required.

Let the children decorate the crows before gluing them in their ring shape. This will make decorating easier. Use adhesive rhinestones, stickers, glitter, markers and paint to decorate each crown. Let any wet glue or paint dry before allowing the child to wear their crown.

Cardboard Castle

Use cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls to create a unique castle fit for puppets and figurines. Use a large box as the base and use scissors or a knife to cut windows and doors. Use smaller boxes, rolls and scrap cardboard to fashion turrets, towers and battlements. Egg cartons can be used to create gardens, balconies or bunkers. Paper cups and snack containers can be used to create balconies, living quarters or other fancy features.

Create a drawbridge by taping the cardboard cut from the box for the entry gate to the bottom of the gate so that it lays flat. Make a functional draw bridge by taping a piece of string to the drawbridge and letting it extend through the castle and out a window or door in the back. Then, when the string is pulled, it will lift the gate.

When the entire assembly is complete, close the drawbridge and other doors and have the kids help you paint the entire project. Use a small, square sponge with a slightly darker colour of paint to create the appearance of bricks. Top each tower with a brightly coloured cone of construction paper. Create flags from toothpicks and paper triangles. Place the finished masterpiece on a pizza box that has been taped shut and painted to create a solid foundation.

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