Daughter's 13th birthday party ideas

Updated April 13, 2018

The thirteenth birthday marks a significant time in a girl's life. She officially becomes a teenager, though she is still far from being an adult. A birthday party celebrating this new social status should be especially memorable. Match the festivities, decorations, music and food to her personality, interests and preferences to mark it as a one-of-a-kind event in her honour.

Outdoor Parties

Host a backyard campout/sleepover if your 13-year old daughter enjoys the outdoors. Transform your backyard into a campground complete with tents and a campfire ring. Provide guests with plenty of marshmallows and hot dogs for roasting and let the girls stay up all night talking under the stars. Your daughter won't have to know that you're discreetly supervising them from a window, and feeling like she's "on her own" will give her an exciting new sense of "growing up" independence.

Host an "extreme sport" party for an athletic teenage girl. Arrange for your daughter and a few friends to receive supervised lessons for rock climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, horseback riding, skiing or river rafting. Pack a picnic for everyone to enjoy after the event and be sure to take lots of pictures.

Makeover Party

Thirteen marks the age when many young girls are allowed to start wearing make-up. If this is one of the privileges your new teenager will receive, a makeover party will start it off with a bang. Consult with a home-sales cosmetics representative for ideas; many will host an event like this at your house free of charge and demonstrate products if they can expect to make some sales. Complete the party with a clothing swap, temporary tattoos and a fashion show.

Shopping Party

Since 13 is such a transformative year, celebrate it with a shopping party. Help your daughter clean out her closets and drawers, removing all the clothes that no longer fit her more mature style and donate them to a charity. Invite a few of her friends to join you at the mall to help her choose a new wardrobe.

Splurge Party

If you know your new teenager would love to share a special mother-daughter day, take her to a fine hotel for the weekend where the two of you can catch-up on all the things going on in your lives, order room service and get pampered at the hotel's spa. Bring along her baby book and special photos for reminiscing.

Crafty Party

A creative 13-year-old might love a crafting party with her friends. Contact your local craft store to make arrangements for her and her friends to attend a group class and make lasting mementos of this special occasion.

Pop-culture Party

Plan a party around your daughter's favourite movie or television program. Ask guests to come dressed as characters from the show, saving the starring role for your daughter, of course. Decorate the party area to resemble the set of the film or show, and carry the theme into the snacks you serve.

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