Crafts for Kids on the Spanish Culture

Updated February 21, 2017

Crafts are an excellent way for children to learn about the cultures of other countries and to expand their knowledge of the many different lifestyles of people throughout the world. There are many crafts that can be used to help teach children about the Spanish culture and inspire creativity at the same time.


Create castanets to play as a percussion instrument. The make a "clacking" sound as you pinch them with your fingers. They are often used as by dancers because they give the dancer free movement of the arms during the dance. Use two large buttons to make the castanets. Glue a thin strip of craft foam on the outside edge to act as a hinge to connect the two buttons together. Tie a small length of elastic into a loop through two holes in one of the buttons, to hold the castanets to your finger. Stretch the elastic over your index finger and bring your thumb up to pinch the castanets to make a "clacking" sound.

Flamenco Fan

Decorate paper fans in Spanish style. Show the children photos of different designs on paper fans that are used by flamenco dancers. Allow them to use paint, markers, sequins or even foam letters to decorate the fan. Once the fan has been painted or glued on, it can not be re-closed, so glue the hinge shut to prevent damage to the fan.

Spanish Rainbow

Language is an important part of any culture. Create a rainbow wall hanging to help kids learn the names of different colours in Spanish. Allow children to draw a rainbow and colour it in with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Instead of having them label it with the English names for the colours, have them label the colours in Spanish. Write out the names so they can copy them down. Write "rojo, naranja, Amarillo, verde, azul, indigo, violeta."

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