Opposites Attract Theme Party Ideas

For singles and those without a significant other, opposites attract parties provide a simple way to meet someone new. The idea also works for married couples and those in a relationship because they can dress as a matching pair. Opposites attract theme party ideas are suitable for the Halloween season or any other time of the year.

Bring the Ex

A bring your ex party lets guests find a possible partner and make their own opposites attract moment. Ask all party guests to bring one of their exes to the event. Once there, each person makes a list of five traits about their ex. Make new matches, by pairing people up based on something they don’t share in common. For example, match a country music fan with a heavy metal fan. After an hour, the new partners have the chance to stick together or switch. Make new matches for those who decide to switch.

Find Your Mate

The find your mate is a type of opposites attract party for singles and those not currently involved with someone. Before the party, think of different opposites that attract, including a magnet and metal or naughty and nice. Fill out name tags, writing one of the terms on each name tag. Write out all of the matching pairs on a large white board or chalkboard and hang it in the front of the party. Mix the name tags in a large bowl and randomly assign a name tag to each person that enters the party. Party guests must mingle with each other, trying to find the person with the correct name tag. By the end of the night, everyone should find their opposite.

Make Your Own Opposites

Host an opposites attract party just for couples. On each invitation, tell the guests that they should come in a costume that fits the party theme. Include a list of possible ideas, including a farmer and cow or dog and cat. Serve food that works with the theme, such as black and white cupcakes or black and white cookies. A lemon-lime punch, made with citrus fruits is another idea, as the fruits are different, but taste good when mixed together. Give guests ballot sheets, where they vote on their favourite costumes of the night. Award prizes to the funniest costume, best costume and any others that you make for the opposites attract party.

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