Crocodile Activities for Preschoolers

Updated November 21, 2016

When teaching preschoolers about crocodiles, you can create a few entertaining activities about the leathery-skinned reptiles with razor sharp teeth. Most young children have a short attention span, so planning hands-on crafts and games will keep them interested in learning about crocodiles, as well as build their fine motor skills. Supplies, a creative imagination and some preschoolers are all you need to create crocodile activities for your class.

Easy Crafts

For an easy crocodile craft, print several crocodile colouring sheets from online and give one to each preschooler. Ask the preschoolers to use markers and crayons to colour the crocodiles. Hang up a few coloured pictures of crocodiles for the children to look at while colouring their pictures. For another easy craft, give each preschooler a clothespin and have him colour it with a green marker or paint. Have the children glue googly eyes above the end of the clothespin that opens. The children can cut teeth from white craft foam to glue on the clothespin.

Tossing Games

Draw a picture of a crocodile on a large poster board and tape it to the bottom of a cardboard box. Cut the mouth of the crocodile out and lean the box against a wall. Mark a line six feet from the box and let the preschoolers try to toss beanbags into the crocodile's mouth to "feed him." For another tossing activity, have the preschoolers toss the crocodile clothespins they made into a large green bucket to "toss the crocodiles back into the swamp."

Egg Carton Crafts

For a small crocodile, help the preschoolers paint one half dozen egg carton and one dozen egg carton with nontoxic green paint. After the paint dries, attach the egg cartons together with green chenille stems and be sure the flat sides of the cartons face up. Attach the cartons together end to end and have the children glue two large googly eyes on the top of the smaller carton, which is the crocodile's head. For a large crocodile, use two large egg cartons and one small. The children can paint them green and attach them together using chenille stems or masking tape. For added decoration, have the children face the two bottoms of the large egg cartons up to resemble the bumps on a crocodile. Use the small flat carton as the head and add two large googly eyes.

Plastic Crocodile Games

Create a crocodile hunt for the preschoolers by hiding plastic toy crocodiles all over the play area. The child who finds the most crocodiles wins the game. Another idea is to fill a large clear jar with the plastic crocodiles and have the children guess how many are in the jar. The preschooler who guesses closest to the correct amount of crocodiles in the jar wins the game and the jar of toy crocodiles, which he can share with his friends.

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