Ideas for Talent Shows

Talent shows are an excellent way for children to show off their natural abilities and aptitudes. A talent show can be the platform to bring in money at a high school fundraiser or entertain a group of active young children at a birthday party. There are many ways to put on a winning talent show at your next gathering.

Planning the Show

A talent show can be used as a way to raise funds for any cause, from a high school football team looking for new uniforms, to an event to raise money for a sick relative. Utilise the local media to raise awareness of your event by placing an ad in the newspaper, or contact a local radio station and ask them to mention the show on a future broadcast. Contact local businesspeople, actors from a nearby theatre troupe, or high school teachers and ask them to act as judges for the competition. Set up the venue at a high school auditorium or a local theatre that has the seating capacity to handle the event. A talent show being used as a theme for a party can be judged by a group of parents or the child's older siblings and can be held in your living room or the backyard.

Finding the Talent

To find participants for the show, post a sign-up sheet at a local grocery or hardware store or ask one of the parents to act as the coordinator for finding people to participate in the show. Don't restrict the talent for the show to persons of a particular age. For instance, if the show is being held to raise funds for a high school organisation, allow children and adults of all ages to participate in the show. If the talent show is being held for private reasons, encourage anyone at the party or event to step up on stage and show everyone their own particular gift, whether it be dancing, singing or telling a few jokes.


Provide awards for the best talent. If the show is large, divide the participants into different groups, such as musical or comedy, and give awards for the winners in each division. The awards can be anything from trophies and ribbons, to gift cards and cash. Prizes for a talent show that is being held on a smaller scale can be varied as well. For instance, a suitable prize for a child's talent show could be a DVD, candy or a small toy.

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