Football Party Game Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Football viewing parties are tons of fun for sports fans and their families. Watching the game can sometimes become secondary to the team-related debates, recipe exchanges and various conversations and socializations. Keep the party moving even when the game is slow by planning a party game or two for all your guests. Include plenty of humorous or small prizes to add to the festive feel of the event.

Half-Time Trivia

Research football trivia related to the teams that are playing, hometown facts, team players, team history and coaches. Include easy questions like "what are the team colours?" or "how many players on the field at one time?" with more difficult statistics questions and questions about the sport overall. Keep track of the right answers, and give the winner a gold spray-painted football or small trophy.

Find sports or team trivia online or through books like "Super Football Challenge: 600 Trivia Quizzes to Test Your Football Knowledge" by Dennis Purdy or "NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge" by USAopoly.

Football Pass

A football pass game is enjoyable for party guests of all ages. For autumn football parties or when the weather is warm enough to be outside, hang an old tire or Hula-Hoop from a tree limb. or lean a clean garbage can on a small table as your target. and then place adult players 10 feet from the "goal." Each player can get five tries, and the one with the most goals wins.

You can also turn it into a relay race where you line five players up at an equal distance from one other with the "tosser" at the front of the line. Players must pass the football to one another, and then the final tosser must hit the goal, which is a greater distance away. Teams can win NFL pins or small sponge footballs to celebrate their victory.

Super Fan

Encourage your party guests to come in team-related gear, and let them know that the biggest "super fan" will win a prize. At halftime, have guests vote on the best costume or the most amount of team-related apparel worn. As added entertainment, offer guests an additional prize for the best cheer performed.

Broaden the super-fan challenge to incorporate team-themed food and bakery items as well. Ask guests to bring in their decorated football-shaped brownies or decorated cupcakes, with a blue-ribbon presentation for the most creative and the most delicious treats.

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