Blonde Gag Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Want to a have a little fun with your blonde friend on her birthday? Whether she is an airhead or a scientist at NASA, there are a number of fun and humorous gifts you can get to make even the brightest blonde feel a bit dim.

Dumb Blonde's Tape Measure

If you've a got a blonde friend who falls into the crafty category, a tape measure is a necessary tool for her to use. Poke some fun with a tape measure specifically designed for blondes. The Dumb Blonde's Tape Measure is marked not with numbers but by symbols. 1 foot is simply a picture of a foot. 1 foot 6 inches shows 1 one-and-a-half feet. 2 feet shows 2 feet. And so on. says, "The Dumb Blonde Tape Measure is so funny, we bet it'll even make blondes laugh. (If they don't, they probably don't get the joke.)"

Blondes Our Smart Two

Help your blonde friend prove the masses wrong by getting her a T-shirt that tells it how it is: "Blondes Our Smart Two." If she doesn't have a careful eye, she might even miss the clever misspelling, which could accidentally reinforce a stereotype while trying to debunk it.

Not a Dumb Blonde--I'm Really a Brunette

Are your friend's blonde locks are a little less than legit? Get her a T-shirt that clears her reputation: "Not a Dumb Blonde--I'm Really a Brunette." says, "For the brunette who likes to be blonde sometimes, or maybe all the time, this tee brings her back to her roots."

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