Grants for moving

A moving grant also goes by the name of a relocation grant, and it's meant to help defer the costs of physically moving to a new location, as well as paying the costs while you settle into that new location. Moving grants are provided to assist people with relocation from one city to a completely different city, or from one location to another within the same city. These grants come from a variety of sources, however, they most often come from the government of the city to which (or within which) you are moving.

Jersey City Business Relocation

One type of moving grant available to business people in Jersey City, New Jersey is the Jersey City Business Relocation Grant. These grants help with the cost of moving your business from one location in Jersey City to another, or from outside Jersey City into the city. The city's interest in giving these grants is to help businesses succeed and grow in improved locations, and in the process continue to provide local jobs and even hire more employees as they grow. Apply for the grant with the Jersey City Urban Enterprises Zone Program; you'll need to submit forms and moving plans as directed by the application instructions.

Downtown Relocation Grant Program

In Lombard, Illinois there's a similar business relocation program that falls under moving grants. The goal of this program is to help business owners who are moving to the village of Lombard to get set up in appropriate locations within the village and to help defer a variety of costs. You can use this grant money to pay lease costs, rent differentials, and other moving and residing costs. The amount of grant money you receive will depend upon the size of the location to which you move your business. File for your grant with the village government.

Federal Housing Grants

According to, many of the housing grants offered through the federal government are also valid for paying the cost of relocation. Each of these grants has certain specifications, such as race (many housing grants are designed for Native Americans), age (there are various grants for the elderly) and income level (qualifying income levels are specified by each individual grant). If you are awarded one of these grants, you will be able to apply the money toward your housing costs, including moving all of your possessions to your new home.

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