Unique 25th birthday ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

No longer in her “early twenties,” a woman turning smack in between the age of 20 and 30 may crave a birthday celebration and gifts that are more mature than just a night of throwing back jello shots or embarking on a shopping spree with mom and dad's credit cards. This year, do your friend, family member or co-worker a huge favour by treating her like an adult on her birthday, by giving her an exciting, cultured yet memorable birthday to remember.

Winery Tour

Chances are this 25 year old has had it with keg parties and bar crawls. But if you know he has a taste for fine wine, show him you think he's mature and sophisticated with a trip to a winery. If you live in a state without a winery, take him to a wine bar, for a delicious lunch or dinner filled with wine and food pairings.

Rescue Pet

If she loves animals, nothing will make her grow up faster than taking care of her very own cat or dog. (Be sure to check with her landlord and roommates for permission first.) Head to the local pound, shelter or a rescue group to meet the animals up for adoption. Surprise her on her birthday by handing her the new furry friend.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are back in style. Head to the jewellery store and hand pick a personalised charm bracelet for the birthday girl. You can spend as little or as much money on this gift as you'd like, by selecting either a sterling silver, gold, white gold or platinum bracelet and charms. Select only a few charms for now, making sure that each one reflects where she is now in her life. Continue to give her a new charm every birthday and she will think of your every time she wears her bracelet.

Event Tickets

Twenty-five-year-olds tend to lead very busy lives as students and young professionals. When a chance presents itself for him to kick back and have fun with his friends, it will be well received. This birthday, give him a pair of tickets to a sporting event, concert, theatre production or comedy show you know he'll love. Depending on the locations of the seats, you can spend as little or as much money on this gift as you like.

Unique Lessons

Has the birthday girl or guy always talked about their unrequited dream of figure skating, rock climbing or flying an aeroplane? Give them the gift of learning by setting them up with several lessons with a trained instructor. He will always remember you as the person who gave him a once in a lifetime experience he'll talk about for birthdays to come. To find an instructor, check your local classifieds.

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