Car Battery Failure Signs

Updated April 17, 2017

It is recommended that you send in your car for maintenance every 5,000 miles. Regular maintenance helps keep your engine running smoothly and extends the mileage of your car. Most people, though, keep up maintenance only for the first year or so and then become lax about car care. That is when things start to go wrong. One common car problem is battery failure.

Dim Headlights and Dash Lights

One of the first signs of a car battery dying is dim headlights. Your car lights will become weaker and at times flicker when on. You may not realise the light intensity has decreased, but it will show up when the car is idle. When you rev up the car engine, they will become brighter, but as soon as the car is idle, the light will shine less brightly. Dash lights, too, become weaker when a battery starts to fail.

Slow Starter

Well-maintained cars will start as soon you turn the key or press the start button. Those with failing batteries will take longer to start. They may start only after you turn the key a couple of times, or your car may even need a push. There will also be some ignition problems, which become worse if you keep turning the key.

Electrical Devices

Most of the electrical devices in a car are run by the battery. That is why when the battery becomes weak, the devices malfunction. The air system will not function effectively, and the car's cooling system will become weak. The fan belt may crack, and the system will slowly stop functioning.

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