Bachelorette Blindfold Party Games

Written by erin carson
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Bachelorette Blindfold Party Games
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While the male tradition of stag parties dates back many centuries, women traditionally celebrated their betrothal with showers dedicated to collecting gifts and items for their household. The sexual revolution of the 1960s launched the advent of the modern bachelorette party--a female counterpart to male stag parties, in which women enjoy a fun evening often involving drinking, games and sometimes even male strippers. While the style and personality of the bride should dictate the tenor of the party, playing funny games with blindfolds can help break the ice and ensure that all invitees enjoy a fun evening.

Find Your Groom

Find out whether the bride can accurately guess which body parts belong to her groom. Blindfold the bride and ask the groom and three or four other men to make an appearance at the party. Instruct them not to talk when entering the room. Ask them to take off their shoes and roll their trousers up to above their knees. Let the bride take turns feeling each man’s foot and leg to determine which belongs to her beloved.

Bridal Rage

Instruct guests to sit in a large circle. Let the bride place a blindfold on each person’s face. The bride remains blindfold-free and stands in the middle of the circle. Ask the bride to make as many different types of strange noises as possible. For example, she might jump on bubble wrap, bang on pots, crinkle paper or snap her fingers. Give the guests five seconds to guess the source of the strange noise. Keep count of each guest’s guesses and award a prize to the one with the most correct replies at the end of the game.

Pin the Body Part

Hang up a poster of an attractive man and cut a body part out of cardboard. This can be innocent, like a bicep or belly button, or more risqué, depending upon the bride’s temperament and wishes. Place tape on the back of the body part. Blindfold guests, spin them around and let them take turns attempting to place the body part where it belongs.

Get Beautiful for the Wedding

Place guests in pairs. Give each team a blindfold and a paper sack filled with cosmetic items, such as lipsticks, shower caps, hair bows, as well one or two misleading items such as an aerosol can of silly string (which is easily mistaken for hairspray). Blindfold one team member and let her reach into the bag, grab an item and attempt to apply it to the non-blindfolded team member's face. Avoid including eye make-up since you don’t want anybody to accidentally get poked in the eye with the beauty products.

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