Side Effects of PGX Fiber

Written by akeia dixon | 13/05/2017

PolyGlycopleX (PGX) is a fibre supplement that is composed of three, water-soluble plant fibres (polysaccharides) and is developed using EnviroSimplex. This technology combines the natural ingredients in a specific ratio that makes PGX a functional fibre, as well as an effective dietary supplement and weight-loss aid with minimal side effects.

Gas and Bloating

Consuming a large amount of fibre at once can leave you bloated and with gas; this is a common and minor side effect that is also present with someone who eat fruits and vegetables, which contain natural fibre. Once your digestive tract gets used to the extra fibre in your diet, this levels out; therefore, it is important the start with a smaller dosage, and work your way up to the maximum dosage over time.

Loose Stools and Constipation

Loose stools and constipation are also a possible side effect of consuming too much fibre at one time. There is no way to tell when your body will react with constipation or loose stools, because each person's digestive system differs. Once your body gets used to the sudden increase of fibre in your diet, this side effect should subside.

Side Effect Prevention

To prevent these minor side effects, it is helpful to drink one large glass of water with each dose. Also, start out with smaller amounts of PGX, as this is a highly concentrated supplement that your body needs to adjust to. After your body has adjusted to smaller amounts of PGX, you may begin to increase the dosage as recommended.

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