Icebreaker Games for a Christian Women's Retreat

Updated July 20, 2017

Meeting new people does not have to be scary. When you go to a women's retreat, you are not going to spend time by yourself; you are probably trying to meet people. Get out of your shell and meet other women who share your faith. Some of these games need to be instituted by a leader but most of them you can do on your own with a small group of women.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a classic ice-breaking game for a reason. When you are sitting at a table of new people, announce that you will start playing this game. Then introduce yourself by telling your name and three facts about yourself. Tell extraordinary facts about yourself so that they will have a hard time guessing which is fact and what is fiction. Go around the table and be prepared to learn more about the women than just their names.

Blessings Game

Have the women write down one of the blessings that they received during the year. It can be as personal as they want it to be. Collect the papers and put them in the centre of the table. Each woman will pick up a piece of paper and read what is on it. After the paper is read, the rest of the women must guess who wrote it.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Place a stack of pennies at each table. Make sure that they are stacked chronologically. As each penny is picked up, read the date. The women must them share one fact about them that involves that year. For instance, "In 1976, I met my first boyfriend" or "I became a Christian."

Pass the Paper!

Give the group of ladies one roll of toilet paper. Tell them that it is the only roll that they will have access to for the duration of the retreat. They must grab the amount that they think they will use. Once everyone has toilet paper and the roll is gone, tell the women that for each square of toilet paper that they grabbed, they must tell one fact about themselves. Encourage the women to share a blessing for each square of paper.

Miss Esther Beauty Pagent

Split the group into small groups of three or four. Encourage them to join a group where they do not know anyone and then give each group a roll of tin foil, a table cloth and a child's make-up kit. Each group will have 45 minutes to give a member a makeover and have her compete in the "Miss Esther Beauty Pageant." The pageant contestant must make her way up to the front of the room and showcase one of her talents. Groups will be judged on creativity of design, poise, and talent.

The winning contestant should receive a toilet paper sash, while her teammates will receive candy, books, or another prize deemed suitable by the judges.


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