Children's Games for the Ten Commandments

Updated November 21, 2016

Teach your religious school class or children at home about the Ten Commandments through games they can play. Games enforce memorisation and discussion of the commandments. The Ten Commandments are the moral foundation of Christianity and Judaism, so the games can be played with children of any faith. A few supplies from your local retail store and your creativity are all you need to get started.

Paper Practice

Make a test for children on the Ten Commandments. Write 10 questions, such as "Thou shall not **_," "Remember the **_ day to keep it holy" and "____ thy mother and thy father." Place the questions face down on the children's desks and give them a pen. When you say, "Go," the children can flip the paper over and answer the questions. The first player to finish the test correctly wins the game. You can also award each player a small prize who correctly answers all the questions. Have the winner stand up and read the answers aloud after everyone finishes. This game teaches children the words of the Ten Commandments.

Guess the Commandment

Write down each one of the Ten Commandments on index cards. Mix the cards up and place them in a bowl. Pull the cards out one at a time and read them aloud. When only one card remains, have the children guess which commandment remains in the bowl. Award a prize to the child who knows the last commandment remaining. Place the cards back in the bowl and play again. This game helps the children memorise the Ten Commandments.

Ten Commandment Order

Write or type all the Ten Commandments on a sheet of paper and give one sheet to each child. Make sure you mix up the order of the commandments. Have the children race to see who can write down the Ten Commandments in the correct order. The first child to write all the commandments in the correct order wins the game. Give a small prize to each child who correctly writes the commandments in the correct order.

Writing Game

Select 10 children and have them line up at a dry erase board or chalkboard. Give each child a piece of chalk or a dry erase marker. One at a time, each child must write one of the Ten Commandments on the board. Each player must write a different commandment than what is already on the board. At the end of the game, all Ten Commandments will be on the board. If a child cannot remember a commandment, have another child come up and try to write it down. Award a prize to each child who writes one of the commandments on the board. Teach child the words of each commandment with this game.

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