Ideas for earring storage

Written by katherine mitt
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Because of their relatively small size, earrings are often lost or misplaced and pairs can easily get separated. However, proper earring storage makes it much easier to keep track of all your earrings, thereby making it harder to lose or separate them from one another.

Jewellery Box

A jewellery box is perhaps the most classic form of jewellery storage. Many jewellery boxes include drawers or divided sections for easy earring storage. If your jewellery box is divided up in such a way that it requires you to store more than one pair of earrings in a single drawer or section, it is wise to place earring pairs in their own individual plastic bags. Miniature plastic bags--perfectly sized for a single pair of earrings--can be purchased at most craft stores and are relatively inexpensive. Storing earring pairs in individual bags before putting them into the compartments in your jewellery box will make it easier to keep pairs together and will make it easier for you to locate a specific pair when you want it.

Mesh Earring Stand

A jewellery box can be large and bulky. Another option for your earring storage is a mesh earring stand. Earring stands come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials, so you should be able to find one that fits your design preferences. Whatever the shape of the frame, an earring stand has (usually at the centre) a piece of mesh screening (chicken wire-type material) secured tightly to the bordering frame - you hang your earrings through this mesh, in pairs. Earring stands allow you to store your earrings in a fun and decorative manner, and as all earrings are easily visible when hanging from such a stand, it makes it easy to find and select a pair. You can purchase earring stands at many home decorating or accessories stores. If you wish to make your own stand, all you need is a picture frame and a square of mesh screening. Make sure the screen is cut to the same size as the picture frame. Remove the glass and the picture frame backing, and secure the mesh screen to the back of the frame (stapling it with a heavy-duty stapler should work fine). Hang your earrings through the holes in the screening, and you have yourself a great, inexpensive earring stand.

Jewellery Roll

A jewellery roll is a great way to store jewellery, especially if you travel and like to take your jewellery with you. A jewellery roll is basically a rectangular (or any other shape) piece of canvas with little pockets sewn onto the front of it. You can store all different kinds of jewellery in the pockets. Jewellery rolls are easily rolled up (hence their name) and tied closed, so they can be stored just about anywhere and are extremely easy to pack when travelling.

Creative Storage Solutions

Many people like to display their earrings as decoration by hanging them off of attractive drinking glasses or glass containers. Simply hang pairs of earrings off the edges of your chosen container and display around your home. Or, if you prefer to keep your earrings out of sight, you can store them in other sorts of small containers that are divided into sections: For example, you could store seven different pairs of earrings in a weekly pill box (one pair of earrings in each daily compartment). You can also hang earrings from a pretty piece of ribbon. Hang the ribbon up somewhere on your wall, and stick the ear wires of your earrings through the ribbon.

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