Corporate Spring Ball Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Spring is a time for renewal and growth; it's an appropriate time of the year to host a corporate ball for your company's clients and staff, both of whom you need to grow your business. Spring's mild weather allows for an indoor or outdoor venue. Use flowers and pastel colours to make the spring theme come to life through the venue decor Offer attendees a menu filled with delectable finger foods.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme for your corporate spring ball should include colours that reflect the spring season, including yellow, orange, pale blue, lilac, pink and green. Use the colours in your invitations and in your decor to create a spring theme for your corporate ball. Incorporate your company colours where appropriate.


Your invitation should include hints of your colour scheme to begin introducing guests to what they will see at the corporate ball. Images of birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, bridges covered with flowers and the sun shining in the sky evokes thoughts of spring. Attach the invitation to a flower and distribute them in the office.

Table Settings

Create a centrepiece using an assortment of spring flowers in full bloom. Purchase vases in bulk from an event supplier. To set the spring mood without flowers, purchase flower-shaped floating candles and place at least three, along with clear stones, in a bowl on each table. Use light tablecloths and napkins. Create a flower-shaped napkin design and place one at each setting. Use employees' business cards as place cards. Tie a ribbon on the back of each chair to add more colour to the table.

Venue and Decor

If the forecast doesn't mention rain, plan your spring-themed corporate ball outdoors at a park or in a local garden. The views will add to the ambience of the theme and provide you with additional decor Use paper lanterns, strings of white lights and flowers to decorate. During the ball, use a projector to show photographs of your company's activities and employees during the past year.


Attendees will want to remember this special event, so set up an area at your venue where they can be photographed. Create a flower garden or use a balloon arch created with spring-inspired colours. Include your company's logo on the balloons.


Give attendees packets of flower seeds with a personalised message. Put the seeds inside a flower pot with your company's logo and tag line on it.


Include tea sandwiches, fruit salad, vegetable platters with dip, scones and fresh salad with a selection of dressings on the menu. For dinner, include both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. If your ball is held outdoors, plan for a sit-down barbecue menu. For dessert, offer cupcakes and allow guests to create ice cream sundaes.


Iced tea and lemonade are two popular drinks as spring arrives. Serve these in a variety of flavours using decorative punch bowls or beverage dispensers. Create a signature drink the matches your company's colours. Give it a name that represents your company's vision and mission.

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