Places to Go for a 50th Birthday Party

Updated March 23, 2017

Being half a century deserves a celebration. If the occasion warrants a special outing, then finding the right venue merits consideration. When choosing a venue, take into consideration the size of the guest list. Having 10 to 15 guests will allow you to spend more money per person and choose a more intimate space, while a larger guest list requires a much larger venue.

Host the Party at an Art Gallery

Contact a local artist and ask to use her studio for your birthday party. Many galleries have "no red wine" rules, but many are receptive to having events in their space for a fee, especially if you purchase one of their pieces as a gift. Holding your event in a gallery means minimal decorations, if any, must be purchased. The space is beautiful, yet sophisticated and often in a prime location in the heart of the city.

Go to Your Favorite Restaurant

Instead of spending hours in the kitchen making dinner for your guests and spending hours on cleanup duty, a restaurant provides delicious meals and often gives you a slice of birthday cake on the house. Call the restaurant and make reservations to avoid excessive wait times and to ensure the place can accommodate your party.

Rent a House

For an extravagant birthday, consider going somewhere, such as tropical Honolulu or snowy Aspen, and renting a house. If this is too pricey, think about renting a cabin in the mountains on the outskirts of town. Many websites have ads placed by people who want to rent out their home. Renting a house gives you a full kitchen for making meals.

Hit the Local Resort and Spa

Invite your closest friends to spend your birthday evening with you at a downtown resort. Enjoy the tennis courts, relax at the spa, order a drink and indulge in room service. Staying one evening at a resort, even one in the same town, is a way to gain greater appreciation for your city while celebrating a great event.

Use Your Backyard

Consider holding a low-key dinner party in your back yard. Most all backyards can be transformed into a beautiful venue with the use of Christmas lights, a small fire pit, tiki torches and potted flowers. Buy some paper lanterns, candles, dust off a cookbook and experiment in the kitchen. Or, ask your guests to bring some dishes potluck style. Set up a projector to show images of you and your guests over the years for additional decorations. If you live in an apartment, check whether the apartment complex has a clubhouse for rent, or maybe even a rooftop area. Many clubhouses provide everything needed for a swell dinner party, in addition to offering pools and hot tubs.

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