Kid's Disco Dance Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A dance themed kids party is perfect for entertaining a rowdy group of energetic children. Disco dancing is particularly fun for children because of the perky music and glittery outfits. Have fun with your kids at the next party by having tasty snacks, festive decorations and lots of cool, funky music.

Retro Snacks

Serve kids retro snacks that represent the disco era. Devilled eggs, Chex mix and peanut butter stuffed celery sticks are good choices. Serve some barbecue meatballs or little smoked sausages too. For drinks put out the punch bowl and fill it with red fruit punch and fruit.

Disco Balls

Decorate your party room with disco balls. Party stores have disco ball sets complete with light you can sit on a table or mount from a ceiling. Use little disco ball key chains as party favours to give in goody bags. Put some disco ball wall clings on the walls of your dance area.

Disco Lights

Strobe lights and black lights make good disco lighting for a kids party. During the dance portion of the party, flip on the disco lights to get everyone in a funky mood. Kids who are prone to seizures don't need to be around strobe lights as they can cause seizures.


Hire a disc jockey that specialises in kids parties. Or create your own play list before the party. Let the music play throughout the disco dance party. Visit a music store and purchase a CD featuring a variety of music by different artists.

Disco Games

Play musical chairs using your disco music. Have the chairs arranged in a circle turning the seats outwards. There should be one less chair than guest. Play the music and stop it randomly. When the music stops, the guests have to scramble for a chair. Guests that can't find a chair are out of the game. Remove a chair every time you stop the music.

Dance Instruction

Teach children how to do the 'Hustle' or the 'Bump.' Other dances you can teach kids are the 'Electric Slide' or the 'Macarena.' If you don't know how to do these, ask a friend to help. Get kids on the dance floor by dancing with them and showing them how to do fun line dances.


Decorate your party with some iridescent balloons in funky disco colours. Create a balloon arch to cover the entrance into the party room. Then tie some balloons to balloon anchors and post them at the four corners of the dance floor.

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