Job Description of a Primary School Secretary

Updated April 17, 2017

A school secretary is responsible for general office and administrative duties. As its name implies, a primary school secretary works at a primary or elementary school within an office setting. Their schedules often follow the school year, and they are hired on a full 12-month contract.

Processing Daily Attendance

Primary school secretaries are often responsible for the processing of daily attendance records of the students, including operating automated student attendance systems to track and document attendance histories. This can also include communicating with parents to discuss a particular student's attendance history.

Preparing Written Materials

Primary school secretaries are usually required to process documents and other written material, such as supplies, requisitions, mail and state or district reports. They are also usually required to prepare or write handbooks for both students and faculty and compose letters to parents with the intention of conveying school related information, such as schedule changes and field trips.

General Office Duties

Primary school secretaries are also often required to provide general office duties. These can range from inputting and retrieving computer data and maintaining hard copies of discipline records for all students. They also answer the telephone and receive and deliver messages to the appropriate parties.

Supporting Administrators

School secretaries are often required to provide administrative support to the school's principal and the vice principal. This may include assisting them by scheduling parent conferences and other appointment and completing paperwork on their behalf.

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