Exercises to lose belly fat

Updated July 20, 2017

Belly fat can be difficult to lose, and if you tune in to the late-night infomercials on TV, you'll find a seemingly endless supply of expensive products geared toward helping you lose fat from your stomach. However, you don't have to break the bank - or dip into your wallet at all, for that matter - to lose belly fat. A mixture of abdominal and cardiovascular exercises, combined with low-fat dietary decisions, are all you need to rid your body of belly fat.

Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises alone won't remove belly fat - only a low-fat diet and cardiovascular exercise can accomplish that - but they are still an important element to building a strong, lean core and replacing belly fat with well-defined ab muscles. Crunches are the most effective free ab workout you can do. Perform at least three sets of crunches at a time, three to five days a week, but don't overextend yourself; abdominal strains are painful and take a long time to heal properly. Perform variations of the traditional ab crunch by angling from side to side as you raise your torso to isolate your obliques, and at the end of each set, raise your torso and hold for as long as you can.


Few exercises are more effective for losing fat than running. You don't have to run fast, or even far, to burn belly fat quickly. Run between 30 and 60 minutes, keeping your intensity level within range of your target heart rate, which you can look up online with a target heart rate calculator. For most people, running within this range results in a much slower pace than you might expect. When it comes to burning belly fat, it's more important to keep your intensity within your target zone and run longer than it is to run fast.

Aerobic exercise

Running is not the only cardiovascular exercise that will help you lose belly fat. Any aerobic workout can lead to fat loss, and you don't always have to choose strenuous exercises. Make small adjustments, such as taking stairs instead of lifts, parking farther away from the store and walking across the parking lot and taking short, frequent walks around the block. To maximise fat loss, add more intense cardiovascular exercises, as well, such as aerobic dancing, jogging and power walking.

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