List of low carb & low calorie foods

Written by heather topham wood | 13/05/2017
List of low carb & low calorie foods
Vegetables are staples of a low calorie and low carb diet. (Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

If you want to lose weight, you may consider a low carbohydrate diet. When you eat a low carb diet, you restrict foods, such as breads, pastas, rice, fruits, fruit juices and alcohol. Instead, you are instructed by the diet to replace these items with protein choices. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, low carb diets are typically successful for helping a person lose weight because they are low in calories as well.


Instead of beef, poultry options are typically lower in calories and still allow you to stick to a low carbohydrate diet. A ½ chicken breast has only 142 calories and does not have any total carbohydrates. A 150g (6oz) serving of chicken breast has 176 calories and 6g of carbohydrates. One whole boiled egg has 68 calories and only 0.5g of total carbohydrates.


Although some vegetables have a high amount of carbohydrates, like potatoes, many vegetables are both low calorie and low carb. For instance, ½ head of Boston lettuce only has 10 calories and 2g of carbohydrates. 70g (1 cup) of cabbage has 20 calories and 2g of carbohydrates. A 100g serving of Swiss chard has 20 calories and 4g of total carbs. If you eat 10 medium mushrooms, you are consuming only 10 calories and 2g of carbohydrates. You can have three whole pieces of broccoli and intake 25 calories and 5g total carbohydrates.


Cheese and cheese products are typical staples of a low carb diet. However, instead of choosing full fat versions, fat free varieties can reduce the number of calories you are consuming on the diet. A slice of fat-free processed cheese and one cubic inch of fat-free cheddar both have 24 calories and 2g of total carbs. A 25g (1oz) serving of mozzarella cheese that has been made with skimmed milk has 72 calories and 0.8g of carbohydrates.

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