Homemade Chucky Halloween costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

Chucky is the main antagonist in the movie "Child's Play," in which serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into a child's toy using voodoo magic. The movie follows the murderous antics of the villainous doll as he tries to become human once again. The 1988 movie preceded four sequels, including "Bride of Chucky" and "Seed of Chucky."


Chucky sports a short, sloppy orange hairdo. Similar wigs are available for purchase at costume or Halloween stores. For those more daring, dye your own hair orange and cut it in choppy layers that fall just below your ears. Slick the top back haphazardly with hair mousse, pushing most of it to the right side of your head. Braid three chunks of hair on the left side in cornrows and secure with hair clips or clear rubber bands.


Apply a coat of foundation a shade lighter than your natural skin colour to your face. Create a dark circle surrounding your right eye with burgundy and black eye-shadow. Leave your left eye bare. Using acrylic or face paint, draw scars and stitches on your face. Chucky has multiple scars extending from his right eye and one distinct vertical scar in the middle of his chin. If your eyes permit, wear light blue contacts to replicate Chucky's piercing blue eyes.


Chucky wears blue denim bib overalls, a multicoloured striped long sleeve shirt and red trainers. The overalls are rolled into cuffs at the bottom, revealing horizontal striped lining that matches his shirt. If possible, purchase two identical striped shirts. Wear one and cut the other into pieces to sew onto the bottom of your overalls. Luckily, the overalls need not fit perfectly, so you can likely find a pair in any thrift shop that will suffice. If you cannot obtain a pair of red trainers, you can use red fabric dye or even a permanent marker to colour a pair of white shoes.

Bride of Chucky

You and your significant other can create complementary outfits imitating Chucky and his bride, Tiffany. She wears a black leather jacket over a white dress. Accessories include black fishnet pantyhose, black combat boots, and a necklace that spells "Tiff." She has light blonde hair and dark eyebrows. If necessary, you can darken your eyebrows using pencil eyeliner. She also has a small tattoo on the right side of her chest that features a red heart and above it, the name "Chucky."

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