UV Lights for Dust Mites in Beds

Written by dan harkins
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UV Lights for Dust Mites in Beds
You might not feel so comfortable in bed if you knew what was with you. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Dust mites live in most homes, contributing to allergic conditions that could cause several types of respiratory problems. Though they don't bite or create skin conditions, finding where these tiny eight-legged organisms are concentrated is imperative to keeping their populations at healthy levels. You could hire a contractor to employ a microscope or special UV light to expose these creatures. Or, you can buy your own UV equipment and figure out yourself where to focus your cleaning regimen.

UVC Light at Home

To expose and kill dust mites where they live, cleaning companies often employ a type of UV light wand that pulses an artificial version of the sun's invisible "C" band. This method is patented in several countries, including the U.S. The wand is available as the Purelight Sterilizing UV Wand. According to its New Jersey-based manufacturer, Enputech, which holds the U.S. patent until 2014, these sterilising wands not only identify concentrations of dust mites but also make future generations impossible.

Other Benefits

It's not just dust mites that die off from overexposure to UV light. A sterilising UV wand is reputed to kill many microscopic moulds, germs and other types of bugs or microorganisms you might not see in your carpets, draperies and bedding. According to Enputech, its device also eradicates populations of spider mites, asthma-causing moulds, rhinitist and other microscopic building blocks that could develop into dangerous viruses, fungi and bacteria. UV light has been used to sterilise medical equipment for decades.


UVC kills the DNA responsible for microorganisms, such as the reproduction of dust mites. Since the lifespan of these creatures is often just a day or two, applying a concentrated blast with a sanitising wand means you've killed them all. Waving a UV wand over draperies and carpets isn't the only way, though. Another common practice is erecting a UV light to shine on air intake areas, where the filter is placed for your air conditioning or heating system. Dust mites can float through the air with the dust and often end up in the air you breathe.


UV wands are a small part of lessening the amount of dust mites that call your home their own. Regularly washing your bedding, dusting your counters and vacuuming your floors and drapes can greatly reduce the overall dust in your home. Several university extensions also hail the use of an air purifier to reduce household or office dust and to kill dust mites in the air, especially after vacuuming. Some professional cleaners also use a few types of chemicals -- tannic acid and benzyl benzoate -- to eradicate dust mites, though these germicides can also stimulate allergic reactions in some people.

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