List of Dogs That Are Similar to Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are pint-sized dogs with a 10-gallon attitude. These tiny canines can come in a variety of coats and colours: longhair, short hair, brown, tan or white. They are extremely social creatures who vocalise their feelings often. However, chihuahuas aren't the only dogs that fit the bill of being cute and loyal companions.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier has about the same lifespan, approximately 15 years, as the Chihuahua. Even though Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas are both tiny dogs, their personalities differ slightly. Yorkies love to be around people and do well interacting with other dogs, whereas Chihuahuas tend to be wary of the unfamiliar.These tiny dogs do not require strenuous exercise so they are ideal for apartments. The Yorkshire Terrier is prone to eye and teeth problems, much like the Chihuahua.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier possesses physical traits similar to the Chihuahua, such as pointy ears and a short coat. This breed is friendly with other pets, especially those they have known from puppyhood, but generally get along with dogs they have just met. Medically, the Boston Terrier is prone to injury and eye problems and needs ample exercise.

Russian Toy Terrier

The Russian Toy Terrier, also known as the Russian Terrier, comes in two varieties: long haired and short haired. Its lifespan is around 15 years, much like other small dogs. They like to bark and do not do well with other pets as they can be extremely protective. The Russian Toy Terrier does well in apartment settings but needs constant grooming.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is physically similar to the Chihuahua due to its short coat and pointy ears. The Corgi enjoys company with dogs it has known since its youth but will warm up to new acquaintances. This breed barks only when necessary. The Corgi requires minor grooming but a moderate amount of exercise.

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