Homemade Welding Projects

Updated April 17, 2017

Welding is a useful skill that can be applied as a vocation, hobby or means to accomplish the occasional project at home. There are several possible welding projects that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. Homemade welding projects can make for thoughtful, personalised gifts for a birthday, holiday or other celebration, and they are long lasting. Welding at home will take some investment into the proper tools, safety equipment and materials. However, in the long run it will pay off if you choose to weld for a source of income.


Planters are stands that hold plants. They are useful for gardening and make for beautiful gifts. You can use a small whimsy to help you design the stand, then add flat metal and an artistic shape. Take a look at pictures of planters online to get ideas. Consider tall planters, which have more room for holding tall plants, or shorter ones for smaller plants. The legs of your planter can be straight lines or wavy in your own design. Simply paint the finished planter however you would like.


A tool box is a basic welding project for students or beginners. You might weld a tool box to help you hold the tools you'll need to create more advanced welding projects. Shape sheet metal into the rectangular shape of a tool box 18 by 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches. For the top, bend thin steel tubing to make a handle to affix to the box. Use pop rivets to secure the edges of your box. Obtain a latch from a hardware store and attach it to the front. Place an 18-inch piano hinge inside so your box can properly open and close.

Hose Hanger

A hose hanger is useful for gardening because you can wind and hang your hose on it. All you need is some metal and a mounting base to weld it. The hose hanger needs a curved piece of flat metal, which you weld to a mounting base. Finish with a coat of paint that coordinates with your garden's colours.

Tape Dispenser

Welding can even help you make items useful in the office. Make a custom designed tape dispenser you can use every day that matches with your office or classroom. First, saw a hot rolled steel plate into two sleigh-shaped pieces that are identical in size and shape -- 5 inches by 2 inches. Affix cold-rolled stock round to the inside and insert a small piece of steel welding rod you can remove in order to replace used tape rolls. Finally, use Roundhead screws to keep the dispenser together.


Bookends are another simpler project to weld. However, it depends on how intricate or simple you want your bookends to be. Weld together two flat iron sheets at a 90-degree angle for the basic bookend shape. Modify this by using different objects instead of sheets to weld the bookends; for example, you could use two horseshoes per bookend, other decorative iron pieces. Use a one-part weld line to hold the two pieces together.

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