Abbreviations for Facebook lingo

Written by peter mitchell
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Spend some time on Facebook and it won't be too long before you see a BRB or a LMAO. Much of the Facebook abbreviation lingo stems from popular chat room, instant messenger and forum talk. However, some Facebook lingo abbreviations and acronyms are unique to Facebook, such as UF, meaning unfriend. The first bit of lingo you need to understand is FB -- short for Facebook.

Facebook Lingo

Some Facebook lingo is unique to the social network. For example, saying you want to speak to your FBF on FBC means that you'd like to interact with your "Facebook friend" on "Facebook chat." When you announce something on Facebook, such as a new relationship, you also make it FBO, or "Facebook official." When you want to sign off to all of your friends and family, you could say GNFB, or "good night Facebook."


Many Facebook members use punctuation as a form of abbreviation for emotions. For example, a post containing the punctuation :) means that the person is smiling. Similarly, a post with ;) means that the poster is winking, usually a sign of joking or sarcasm. Using :p means sticking out your tongue. Because nuances of emotion and humour are often lost in the written word, these abbreviations help Facebook users communicate more clearly. Their brevity also helps avoid receiving the insulting phrase TLDR from a Facebook friend. It means "too long: didn't read."

Facebook Chat

Facebook has an integrated instant messenger service at the bottom of your profile screen. Chat boxes such as these are hotbeds of Facebook lingo abbreviations and acronyms. For example, someone who is popping away from the chat for a while may write BRB -- or be right back. If they're signing off for a while, they might add TTYL, meaning talk to you later. If it's late and you're saying goodnight to the person you're chatting to, you could add SD, a Facebook way of saying "sweet dreams."


Underneath a Facebook status update or post you might see comments such as LMAO or ROFL. These usually refer to the poster laughing at the post. The most simple form is LOL, or laughing out loud. LMAO stands for "laugh my ass off" or "laughing my ass off." ROFL means "rolling on the floor laughing." More curse-filled versions exist, such as LMFAO. In general, these Facebook abbreviations and acronyms exaggerate the poster's reaction for effect. For example, it's unlikely that everyone who posts ROFL is literally rolling around laughing.

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