The Salary of a Midwife Consultant

Updated November 21, 2016

Nurse midwives are categorised as nurse practitioners or advanced practice nurses. These positions typically require a master's degree and are subject to licensing and regulation by state nursing boards. Check with the state where you want to practice for specific requirements for licensing as a nurse midwife. The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorises nurse midwives with registered nurses and forecasts excellent employment opportunities for all occupations for registered nurses between 2008 and 2018. The BLS does not include information for self-employed nurse midwives.

Employers and Earning Estimates

The BLS reports that as of May 2010 the highest number of registered nurses work in medical and surgical hospitals, with 1,521,400 nurses employed at a mean annual salary of £44,596. Physician's offices employed 232,000 registered nurses with a mean annual salary of $70,530. Home health care venues employed 146,380 registered nurses with a mean annual salary of £41,502. Nurse midwives can expect to earn higher salaries with graduate degrees in nursing and designation as nurse practitioners. Nurse midwife consultant salaries vary depending on hours worked and the duration of employment contracts. reports the current national average salary of a nurse midwife as £61,100.

Nurse Midwife Consultant Employment Venues

Nurse midwives may be employed full time by clinics, medical practices and hospitals, or they may be self-employed and hired directly by expectant parents. Hours worked, contract terms and prevailing pay rates in your state can impact your earnings as a nurse midwife. Self employment incurs additional costs such as liability insurance, the self employment tax and the costs of business licensing and the size of your practice. Consult an accountant for financial adviser for planning your career and estimating income potential when working as an independent midwife consultant.

Nurse Midwife Consultants: How Much Should I Charge?

Self employed nurse midwife consultants may charge by assignment or may work on a long-term contract basis under salary. Establishing pricing for working as a nurse midwife consultant requires calculating your costs of doing business and factoring them into amounts charged for your services. Hiring a business planner or certified public accountant can assist with estimating business costs and determining competitive hourly wages, project rates and annual salaries. Institutional or professional employers may offer lower salaries in view of providing health insurance, paid time off and other benefits not provided by independent clients or on a contract basis.

Tips for Locating Nurse Midwife Consultant Jobs

When selecting job opportunities for nurse midwife consultants, consider your lifestyle, schedule and financial needs. Working as a nurse midwife consultant involves working with large health care provider teams, or you may work one-on-one with expectant and new parents. Assess your professional skills, interests and personality when building your business as a nurse midwife consultant. Develop your nursing midwife consultant work around your professional interests and priorities. Working in a variety of nurse midwife consulting jobs can lead to a specialised practice or maintaining a general nurse midwife practice serving a variety of patient needs and employers.

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