Preschool Superhero Activities

Updated November 21, 2016

Superheroes have captivated the imaginations of children for many years. When planning a superhero lesson plan for your preschoolers, allow them to participate in entertaining hands-on activities. Hands-on activities teach the children how to build social skills and work on their fine motor skills. Awarding the preschoolers with superhero-themed prizes, such as colouring books, stickers and temporary tattoos, will entice them to participate.

Easy Activities

Start the lesson with superhero colouring books, crayons and markers. Allow each child to select a picture to colour. If you do not mind a mess, allow the children to paint the pictures. Make a harder challenge by giving the children pictures of superheroes and have them try to freehand their favourite superhero. Award prizes for the best, funniest, most realistic-looking and scariest pictures. Other easy activities include connect the dot puzzles and real superhero puzzles the children can put together.

Memory Games

Place several plastic superheroes on a tray and have the preschoolers look at each one before taking the tray out of the room. Remove a superhero from the tray and bring it back in the room. The first child to tell you which superhero is missing wins a prize. For a variation, leave the tray out of the room and see who can name the most superheroes that are on the tray. You can also print pictures (two of each) of superheroes and laminate each one. Place the superhero pictures face down and have the children play a game of memory match. The child who finds the most pairs wins the game.

Trivia Activities

Plan a superhero trivia and ask the preschoolers a variety of questions to see how much they know about their favourite superheroes. Hold up pictures of superheroes one at a time and award a small prize to the child who tells you the correct name of the superhero first. For another trivia game, ask colour questions like "Which superhero wears red and blue?" (Spiderman) and "Who wears black and yellow?" (Batman) You can also ask questions like "Who shoots a web from their wrists? (Spiderman) and "Name a superhero and one of his powers." Award a small prize for each correct answer.

Other Games

Make a superhero bingo games by filling the bingo squares with pictures of different superheroes. Give each child a bingo card and a bowl of candy. Call out different superhero names and have them mark their cards with the candy pieces. The first player to bingo and yell "I love superheroes," wins a small prize. Other games include playing a game of "Musical Superheroes" instead of "Musical Chairs" or "Pin the Kryptonite in Superman's Hand" instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."

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