Why does my iPod keep cutting off?

Updated March 23, 2017

If your iPod cuts off in the middle of a song, video, or app, several issues could be the culprit, depending on the symptoms: a song pausing, a white frozen screen or the device turning off completely. Understanding the reason behind the problem will help you take the appropriate action. Sometimes a software reinstall is necessary to fix persistent problems with cutting out.

Volume and Pause

Check that the volume is turned up and that the media isn't paused. Also unplug and re-plug your headphones if only the sound cut out. These are all common reasons for the sound or a song to cut out if you accidentally bump a button or setting. Some iPods have a "lock" toggle on the top left to help you avoid accidentally turning off the volume or pausing a song.

Frozen on White Screen

If your screen freezes and turns blank white, your iPod's letting you know that an error in the software occurred. Turn the iPod off and on again in a soft reset that should fix any minor glitches. If that doesn't work, force a "hard reset" by holding down the "Sleep" button for 10 seconds on an iPod Touch, and holding down the "Play" and "Center" buttons simultaneously for five to 10 seconds on a click-wheel iPod.

Dark Screen

The iPod shutting off completely, with a dark screen, is most commonly due to a low battery. You may receive a low-battery error message before it shuts off. Plug the iPod in and let it charge for half an hour before turning it on again. If the screen goes dark even though your battery is charged, do a soft or hard reset while it's plugged into power.

Other Reasons

Other software glitches can cause the iPod to cut out. If cutout seems to occur while using a particular app, try reinstalling or deleting that app. For persistent problems, do a "factory restore" that reinstalls the software for your iPod; however, because it wipes out the data on your iPod, you'll need to re-sync afterwards. Plug in your iPod, click the icon in iTunes, then click "Restore" in the main window.

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