Ideas to Attract Customers Into Your Pub

Updated March 23, 2017

If you own a pub or bar, you are probably always looking for ideas to attract customers to your establishment. There are numerous ways to do this. Some ideas are common and ordinary, while others are unique. The ideas that work in one pub do not always work in another because there are many factors to consider when doing this.


One common way of attracting customers is through advertising. Place ads in local papers or online publications. To see instant results that are measurable, include coupons in the ad. People are always looking for good deals and ways to save money. Choose any coupon offer you prefer, such as £6 off a bill of £32 or more.

Special Activities

Let customers and the community know about the special activities taking place in your establishment. The possibilities of activities are endless. You can begin pool leagues or dart leagues in your pub, offer beer pong or other drinking games, or hire a band. Live entertainment is often a good way to attract customers into a pub. An open mic night may also bring in new performers and their fans.

Drink Specials

Post your drink specials on your marquis if you have one or post them in an advertisement or on the windows of your pub. Regular bar-goers will often look for places to visit that offer good deals on the drinks they enjoy. Have a regularly scheduled time for Happy Hour. During this time, offer certain drinks for very low prices, and offer low-cost appetizers.


Start an e-mail list. When customers visit your pub, offer comment cards or determine another way to obtain their e-mail addresses. Send e-mails to encourage regulars and other guests to continue visiting your pub. In the email, include your specials, activities and coupons. You can also take this idea one step further by starting a birthday club. Offer a free drink or reduced-price meal to the customer on his birthday.

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