What Are Air Wick Solids?

Written by rupinder dhillon | 13/05/2017
What Are Air Wick Solids?
Air Wick Solid is available in a Country Berries scent. (Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

The company Air Wick was founded in 1943. Air Wick manufactures a range of scented products for the home, including air fresheners, candles and time-release scented air fresheners. Their solid products, such as Air Wick Air Freshener (Solid Cone), which is also known as Air Wick Solid, and Crystal'Air come in gel form, rather than the traditional liquid form that is used for air fresheners.


Air Wick products that are available in gel form, including Crystal'Air and Air Wick Solid, contain a scented gel. Open the package and place the product in your desired location. The product releases its scent into the air until the gel dissolves or breaks apart. Gel products typically last for up to four weeks and freshen small and large rooms.


Air Wick Solid is available in the following scents: Blooming Lilac, Country Berries, Crisp Breeze, Hibiscus & Island Fruits, Rain Garden, Sparkling Citrus and Spring Blossoms. Air Wick Crystal'Air is available in Lavender, Berries & Spice, Freesia & Jasmine and Precious Silk & Oriental Orchids.


Air Wick gel-based products do not release any toxic or harmful chemicals into the air. Their main ingredients include water, isopropyl alcohol, carrageenan, fragrance, cellulose gum and colourants. Isopropyl alcohol is found in many air fresheners, cleaners and is used for first aid. Carrageenan and cellulose gum are thickeners that turn the liquid air freshener into a gel. Many food items, personal care products and cleaning products contain these ingredients.


Air Wick Crystal'Air and Solid are not reusable or refillable products. Crystal'Air is packaged in a glass disk that is recyclable. It is safe to recycle with your regular glass recyclables. Air Wick Solid is packaged in plastic. Check the bottom of the package to see if there is a triangular recycling symbol containing a number. If there is, contact your local recycling centre and ask if they can recycle that type of plastic. Otherwise, throw the used product in the trash.

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