Sea Lion Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Updated November 21, 2016

Many preschoolers enjoy viewing sea lions at local zoos and aquariums. When teaching preschoolers about the interesting mammals, you can plan a few crafts for the young children to do. They will enjoy the hands-on experience of learning about sea lions and be excited to take home their crafts to show off to everyone at home. You can also teach the preschoolers the differences between sea lions and seals when doing the crafts.

Colouring Crafts

For an easy colouring craft, print sea lion pictures from online and give each preschooler one picture. They can use markers and crayons to colour the pictures. For added fun, allow the preschoolers to paint the pictures. Preserve the pictures by applying contact paper to the front and back or laminate each picture. Write each preschooler's name and the date on the page before preserving the picture. Sea lion colouring books are also available online and at many retail stores.

Puzzle Crafts

Print sea lion pictures on cardstock paper or tape coloured sea lion pictures to thick pieces of cardboard. Help each preschooler use child-safe scissors to cut the picture like a puzzle. Create easy puzzles with a few pieces or more difficult puzzles that have more pieces. The children can practice putting the puzzles together. Give each preschooler a small plastic bag to store his pieces. Have them trade bags and work each other's puzzles for added fun.

Clay Crafts

Have the preschoolers use their imagination and creativity by creating sea lions out of light brown clay. Place several pictures of sea lions on the table for the children to use as a guide. You can help the children get started with the correct shape if they need it. Give them googly eyes to create the eyes. They can use a toothpick to draw on the nose, whiskers and mouth of the sea lion. If you want the preschoolers to keep the crafts, use self-hardening clay. Allow the clay to dry overnight and the children can take home their sea lion crafts the next day.

Clothing Crafts

Purchase sea lion stamps from your local craft store or online. Have the preschooler stamp the sea lions all over a plain white T-shirt. They can use fabric markers to colour the sea lions. Other clothing items you can use include hats, scarves, socks and shoes. Another idea is a sea lion visor craft, which is available online. The preschooler will glue pre-cut craft foam pieces to a foam visor to create a visor hat. The preschoolers will add the face to the sea lion-shaped visor.

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