Winning Tips for a High Score at the Bouncing Balls Game

Written by melissa martinez
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Winning Tips for a High Score at the Bouncing Balls Game
Bouncing Balls is played on Facebook (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

"Bouncing Balls" is a ball grouping game on Facebook. The object of the game is to clear a level by shooting coloured balls from your cannon and putting them into groups of three. Once three of the same coloured ball are touching, they pop, freeing that space for the next set of balls. If you don't clear enough space, the balls will keep stacking and eventually reach the bottom of the page. If this happens you lose, and play begins again.

Use Falling Balls to Your Advantage

When you group three of the same coloured ball in a row, they disappear and points are awarded. Any balls also clinging to those three may fall off the screen. You don't get points for these fallen balls since they weren't grouped in threes. However, you can take advantage of it. If there is a section of uncleared balls in multiple colours that you can't seem to group into threes, try making a new group of three attached to it. This way, when those three disappear for points, some of the other balls that you couldn't group fall of, clearing additional space. This space could mean the difference between advancing to the next level (and gaining lots of bonus points) or not.

Always Look Ahead

In "Bouncing Balls," you can always see the colour of the next ball that is waiting to be bounced. Use this to your advantage by planning ahead. If you currently have a red ball and the next one is red as well, you know you can group both of those to another red ball. If the next ball is blue, you may have to shoot the red ball into a corner or other column to make room for the blue ball, which you may need to finish a group of three. Always look at what the next ball's colour is before playing your current ball.

Learn How to Bounce

Bouncing plays a crucial roll in "Bouncing Balls," as the name might suggest. Instead of sending a ball to a column of other balls, you can bounce the ball off the walls to reach other groups or areas that you would not be able to reach without a bounce. This bouncing can be tricky, as the ball may not always go where you want it. With practice, you will learn to master the bounce. To do this, try playing the first few levels of the game only using the bounce. It's OK if you lose, as the practice will help you win in the future.

Make Groups Larger Than Three

Though the object of the game is to group colours into threes for points, you can make larger groups for more points. For example, let's say you have two yellow balls touching already. The current ball and next ball are both yellow. Instead of shooting the current ball to group three yellows together, try putting the ball one space away. That way, when the next yellow ball comes up, you fill that blank space with this ball, creating a group of four balls instead of three. The more balls you group together beyond three, the higher your score will be.

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