Cub Scout Activity Badge Programs

Written by johanna miller
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Cub Scout Activity Badge Programs
Webelos can earn 20 activity badges. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

Cub scouts are members of Boy Scouts of America. Cub scouting provides a variety of activities for boys in first through fifth grades. They meet weekly to participate in crafts, games, sports, songs, and stories. Members advance from Bobcat to Tiger Cub to Wolf to Bear and then to Webelos. Activity badges are earned at the Webelos level of Boy Scouts. The boys must complete certain tasks and activities in order to earn their badges.

Physical Skills

Cub scouts can earn four badges by demonstrating that they have mastered certain physical skills. The physical skills badges are aquanaut, athlete, fitness, and sportsman. In order to earn the aquanaut badge, a cub scout must demonstrate his knowledge of water safety by completing a series of activities, including jumping into water over his head, swimming 100 feet, diving and knowing how to properly wear a personal flotation device. The fitness badge is earned by knowing why it is important to stay fit, healthy and clean. The boys must read a required booklet and discuss with an adult the effects of drugs, smoking and alcohol. Cub scouts earn the athlete badge by completing a series of required exercises, such as pull-ups, push-ups, long jumps and running. The sportsman badge is earned by demonstrating the signals used by officials in a variety of sports such as football, baseball and basketball. The boys must also explain the meaning of good sportsmanship conduct.


The community badges are citizen, communicator, family member and readyman. Boys must complete the Citizenship Character Connection in order to earn the citizen badge. They must also know facts about The United States, including the name of the President, the Pledge of Allegiance and flag history and etiquette. The communicator badge is earned by demonstrating communication skills such as giving a speech, finding information on the Internet and sending an e-mail. Cub scouts earn the family member badge through demonstrating and explaining the duties to family, budgeting skills and caring for your home. The readyman badge is earned for displaying courage and the ability to handle an emergency situation.

Outdoor Activity

Four outdoor activity badges can be earned. Cub scouts earn the forester badge by demonstrating knowledge of trees and forest plants. They must also create a poster and plant 20 tree seedlings. The geologist badge can be earned by understanding and explaining the use of rocks and minerals. Boys must complete the Respect Character Connection in order to earn the naturalist badge. They will learn about insects, animals and birds and the importance of respecting wildlife. Cub scouts earn the outdoorsman badge by demonstrating preparedness and ability to camp outdoors. They must know fire safety, how to set up a tent and the proper use of camping gear.

Mental Skills

Artist, scholar, showman and traveller badges are earned in the mental skills categories. Scouts create artwork such as paintings, sculptures, designs or mobiles in order to earn the artist badge. The scholar badge is earned by participating in school activities, maintaining good grades and understanding how a school system operates. Boy scouts can demonstrate talent in puppetry, music or drama in order to earn the showman badge. Traveller badges are earned by demonstrating the use of maps, preparing for a trip and travel safety.


Craftsman, engineer, handyman and scientist badges can be earned in the technology group. Scouts must make a small wooden craft object such as a book shelf or toolbox to earn the craftsman badge. The engineer badge can be earned by understanding the job duties of engineers, surveyors and contractors. Scouts earn the handyman badge by conducting activities such as a car wash, changing a tire, replacing a light bulb and caring for a lawn. The scientist badge is earned after learning about Bernoulli's Principle, Pascal's Law and Newton's laws.

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