Scary Pranks to Play on Your Family

Written by debra pachucki
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Scary Pranks to Play on Your Family
Scare Mom with fake insects and watch her recoil in frightened disgust. (Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Few things are as hilarious as a person being startled out of her wits. Scary pranks create harmless scenarios in which an unknowing victim is surprised or startled by the unexpected. Learn a few simple, but effective, scary pranks to play on friends, family and coworkers, but be warned: while you're guaranteed to double over in laughter, your victim may not find your prank so funny.

Noisy Pranks

Noisy pranks use sudden, loud or unexpected sounds that startle a prank victim. One classic noise prank is to enter your victim's darkened, quiet bedroom while he is sleeping and blow an ear-piercing air horn. Your peacefully sleeping victim will practically leap out of the bed with shock and confusion. For a sinister touch, hide in a closet or duck behind a desk so you cannot be seen in the room before sounding the horn. Your victim will be all the more scared and confused when he doesn't see any explanation for what just happened. Another noisy prank idea is to sneak up behind Dad or Mom while he or she is diligently typing or reading and loudly play a sound clip of a crashing noise or a machine gun firing from a laptop or tape recorder.

Pop-Out Pranks

What can be more startling than unexpectedly being lunged toward or yelled at? Do a pop-out prank by hiding in a small alcove, behind a shower curtain, around a corner, underneath a bed, in a closet or even inside a washing machine, cardboard box or large cabinet -- and then "pop" out when the victim walks by or peers inside. The more dramatic you make your movements and exclamations, the more alarmed and frightened your victim will be.

Gross-Out Pranks

Gross-out pranks involve scaring your victim with a gross, unexpected encounter. Rubber snakes or plastic cockroaches in the toilet will startle and frighten girlfriends, moms and sisters, while a faked wound made with latex and fake blood will shock and alarm even the toughest guys. To pull this prank, create a wound on your skin with latex make-up, pour a generous amount of fake blood on top and run to your unaware buddy while holding a napkin to the spot, using your best panicked, pained voice to cry for help. A longtime classic gross-out prank among couples is to sneak into the bathroom while one partner is showering, and suddenly drop a rubber spider attached to invisible string in front of the victim from above.

Fake-Out Pranks

Fake-out pranks don't rely on sudden sounds or gestures to scare victims but instead use the prospect of bad or unfortunate news. These kinds of pranks scare victims by luring them into a belief that misfortune or danger has befallen them. Send your victim into a frenzied panic by calling, verifying his car information with him and then delivering the news that the car has been towed, stolen or repossessed. Move the vehicle beforehand if you are able for an additional fright when your victim looks outside to check. Another fake-out scare tactic is to feign a sudden ailment, such as fainting, and watch as your frightened victim hurries to come to your aid. Use caution and discretion while executing this prank, as your victim may not believe you if you actually fall ill and require assistance in the future.

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