Bird Beak Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are looking for a fun Sunday craft for your young child or a way to teach a classroom full of students about the anatomy of birds, bird beak crafts give you plenty of options. Using things from around your home or your local craft store, create your own fun crafts in little time.

Envelope Beak

The triangular flap closure on the back of a greeting card envelop is a similar shape to that of a bird's beak. Draw the face of a bird on the backside of an envelope. Colour the envelope any colour you desire, or use a coloured envelope to represent the type of the bird you want to create. Draw on eyes using crayons or attach googly eyes using glue. Colour the bottom two-thirds of the flap to resemble a bird's beak. Draw two lines near the bottom of the flap for the bird's nostrils. Open the flap and colour the inside of the envelope to resemble the inside of a bird's mouth, including a tongue. If desired, glue feathers to the envelope to make it look more realistic.

Pop-Up Beak

Create a three-dimensional pop up card to send as a greeting card to friends or family. Use a piece of coloured construction paper. For example, use red for a cardinal or brown for a wren. Fold the paper in half and cut a 2-inch line through the centre of the crease. Fold the paper along the cut to create a triangle on either side of the cut and then unfold the triangles. Open up the paper and press the cut upward to create the beak. Colour the card with markers to create the bird's face. When you close the card, press the beak on the inside so that when you reopen it the beak pops out.

Wearable Beaks

For a wearable beak, use a paper plate and some string. Start by cutting a paper plate into the desired shape and size for the beak. For example, choose a rounded, larger shape for a duck's bill or a shorter, pointed shape for a chicken's beak. Cut the shape out. Decorate the beak using acrylic paints or makers. Once the paints dry, punch two holes on either side of the beak. Fold the beak in half down the length of it to create a tented shape. Tie a long piece of yarn through the holes and tie the beak on your or your little friend's face.

Baby Birds

Create your own bird's nest complete with hungry birds with open beaks using moss, small pom-poms and construction paper. Purchase Spanish moss from your local garden supply or craft store. Mold a handful of moss into a bird's nest shape. Spray the surface of the moss with an acrylic sealant and allow it to dry overnight. Cut two small triangles from pieces of orange construction paper for each baby bird you want to add to the nest. Glue the two triangles to a small craft pom-pom to create the beak. Also, glue two small googly eyes to the side of the pom-pom. Apply craft glue to the bottom of the pom-pom birds and add them to the nest, with the beaks pointed upwards.

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