A list of unicode symbols for Facebook

Written by clare edwards
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A list of unicode symbols for Facebook
Unicode includes scissor icons and other symbols. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Unicode is an encoding system used in computing to represent alphabets and text worldwide. In addition to a huge range of ancient and modern texts, Unicode also has a selection of symbols, including decorative elements and smileys, that you can use on Unicode-enabled sites such as Facebook. You can add Unicode symbols to Facebook using number codes or pasting from a symbol map. Although an exhaustive list is impossible, some symbols often appear on Facebook.

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Smiley emoticons available in Unicode include a white sad face, a white happy face and a black happy face. Some letter characters in non-Western alphabets available in Unicode look rather like a smiling face and are sometimes used accordingly. An example is the katakana letter "tu."

Game Symbols

You can use the Unicode characters for chess and cards on Facebook. Unicode has symbols for all the chess pieces in both black and white. It also has symbols for playing card pips: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.


Unicode has all the symbols for the twelve star signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. These can be included in your profile to tell other Facebook users what your sign is or just as decorative elements.

Writing and Text

Unicode symbols relating to writing and text include icons for pencils, fountain-pen nibs, a hand holding a pencil, an envelope and a keyboard.

Mathematical Symbols

Unicode mathematical operators available for use on Facebook include standard arithmetical operators, such as plus and minus, but also advanced symbols such as "not equal to," "approximately equal to," "less than" and "greater than."

Weather and Seasonal

Unicode weather symbols for Facebook include clouds, sunbursts, an umbrella, snowflakes and a lightning bolt. The Unicode snowman is used to represent cold weather, snow, winter or Christmas.

Blocks, Pipes and Corners

Unicode contains many oblong block shapes that can be used to make up larger images; these blocks are popular for use in making giant text for Facebook and other applications. Pipes are double-border symbols that can be connected with corner symbols to make geometric shapes or large decorative pipe lettering. Generators that use blocks and pipes to make giant text include Ferodynamic's pipe letter generator and FSymbols' Tarty and Carty.


Miscellaneous symbols for Facebook include warning icons like the skull-and-crossbones for poison and the symbols for radiation and biohazards. You can also find a peace sign, the yin-yang symbol and the Caduceus --- serpents wrapped around a winged staff, often used to signify medicine or commerce. You can find familiar symbols like the Disabled symbol, aeroplanes and telephones. Unicode has symbols for most major currencies, from dollars and yen to the British pound sign.

Where to Find Unicode Symbols for Facebook

The Unicode Consortium has charts of all Unicode symbols and characters at its site. Tracking down the symbols you want can be time-consuming, however. It's quicker to use a Unicode symbol map, such as the map at Panmental. You can also find Unicode symbol libraries at Facebook Symbols. From there, you can cut and paste the symbols you want.

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