What are tapered jeans?

Updated April 17, 2017

Tapered jeans have been a popular style for many years. They are often compared to and confused with boot cut jeans. While tapered jeans were a common style in the past and went out of fashion for awhile, they seem to be making a comeback in the early 21st century. Skip the older brands and stick with more modern styles which will flatter the figure. Tapered jeans are a great option if you want to show off a unique pair of sneakers, since the ankle can easily tuck behind the tongue of your sneaks.


Most tapered jeans fall high on the waist, and all tapered jeans narrow and tighten at the ankle. However, there are many different types of tapered jeans and styles to choose from. For durable jeans that will last a long time, consider purchasing double-stitched jeans. You can also find tapered jeans in a wide selection of colours if you don't want to stick with traditional denim. Tapered jeans are a great choice for slim, petite women, since they give the illusion of having fuller hips.

Tapered vs. Boot Cut

While tapered jeans and boot cut jeans are similar, both narrowing at the ankle, there is a distinct difference. The ankle is cut differently in the two types of jean styles. Boot cut jeans have wider ankles and are common with both men and women. Tapered jeans, on the other hand, have a tighter ankle, giving women a diamond-shaped figure.

Tapered Jeans for Men

While tapered jeans have been traditionally associated with women, there are instances when men wore the style as well. Tapered jeans are coming back in style for both sexes, and as more celebrities and entertainment figures wear the style, this jean cut gains in popularity with the general public. Men's tapered jeans don't have to be worn as tight as women's tapered jeans. Men's tapered styles are often called "carrot jeans."


As tapered jeans become more popular and are being revitalised for current fashion, the price is going up as well. While you can get an inexpensive pair of tapered jeans, some designer fashions are priced as high as several hundred dollars per pair.

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