How much does it cost to install an inground swimming pool?

Updated February 21, 2017

The idea of a backyard inground swimming pool is a powerful attraction to many prospective pool owners. Swimming pools provide a way to have close-to-home fun and enjoyment. An inground swimming pool, especially, offers the prospect of serious enjoyment when it comes to stay-at-home good times. The cost of having an inground swimming pool built and installed, though, is also something that merits consideration. The expense of an inground pool installation varies widely, and some installations will cost considerable sums of money.

Cost Ranges

How much an inground swimming pool will cost to install always depends on the size of the pool and any options such as decking and landscaping. Additionally, some types of inground swimming pools are more expensive than others because of their specific surfaces. Vinyl liner inground swimming pools typically run £6,500 to £16,250, and they're the least expensive inground pools to install. Fibreglass inground pools cost £9,750 to £19,500 to install, while concrete inground pools are the most expensive at £13,000 to £32,500.

Construction Complexity

An inground swimming pool's installation cost will increase if you go with a custom-designed pool, which would mean a concrete type. Concrete can be formed and shaped to create any design a pool owner could want. Unfortunately, the more complex an inground swimming pool is, the more it's going to cost. By contrast, a standard £13,000 20-by 40-foot steel-walled vinyl liner inground pool package is half the cost of a similarly sized concrete-type pool.

Pool Options

Typically, an inground swimming pool package will include the pool's filtration system, coping around the edges of the pool and underwater lights. Also, the cost to fill the pool up is normally included in inground pool installation prices. However, inground swimming pool installation costs don't usually include landscaping or any pool fencing and the like. An August 2008 "Popular Mechanics" article on inground swimming pools notes that most people pay another £26,000 or more for optional items on a £32,500 inground pool installation.


Shop around thoroughly before buying an inground swimming pool. Inground swimming pool installation costs vary greatly across the country. If you're trying to keep costs low, go with a standard-size inground pool installation package instead of having an inground pool custom-designed. It's also a good idea to make sure all inground swimming pool warranties are clearly spelt out by the pool builder before buying a pool. Lastly, always consider long-term maintenance and utility costs before buying any inground swimming pool.

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