Which Eyeshadow Suits Which Eye Color?

Written by kelly kaczmarek | 13/05/2017
Which Eyeshadow Suits Which Eye Color?
Use eye shadow sparingly for a more natural, beautiful, look. (Chad Baker/Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Some people incorrectly use eye make-up, leaving them looking like colourful raccoons. All you need for amazing eyes is the proper eye shadow to make them pop, and the confidence to try a colour you may have never have used before.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes shine best with warm-tone eye shadows. Warm tones make the coolness of blue eyes pop. The best eyeshadow colours to use should include some variant of brown or rose. You also have the option of using the deeper, cooler colours, such as grey, purple, deep blue or silver, to make the lightness of your blue eyes stand out. Try not to use paler tones of blue, as they will compete with your blue eye colour.

Green Eyes

To enhance the beauty of green eyes, try eye shadow containing traces of purple and brown. Contrast green eye colour with purple shades to make them pop. Brown eye shadow complements the green and creates a natural effect for the wearer. Any shade of brown will enhance green eyes, from the lightest beige to the deepest mocha.

Brown Eyes

Which Eyeshadow Suits Which Eye Color?
Brown-eyed women can use any colour eye shadow, including brown. (Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Emphasising brown eyes is fairly easy. For the best results, use hues of green and gold to highlight the coloured flecks found in brown eyes. But if you are lucky enough to have brown eyes, do not be shy about trying other shades, such as golds, bronzes or blues for intensity, or corals, coppers, and pinks for a more natural look.

Hazel Eyes

Perk up hazel eyes with deep greens and pale yellows as these colours bring out the speckled flecks. Luckily for hazel-eyed women, neutral colours actually help your eyes pop, so you do not have to wear intense shades to get an amazing look. Try golds, pinks or purples for a shimmery effect, or use greens and browns for a natural look.

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