Wood Plaques & Crafts

Updated March 23, 2017

Crafts can deteriorate over time and with poor handling, but when you use wood to make a craft, it can generally last a lifetime. Wood plaques can be used in a number of crafts that are suitable for adults and children. Decorating wood plaques creates items you can use on a daily basis or place on display in your home for many years.

Key Holder

Craft a key holder from a wood plaque for use near your home's entrance to keep you and your family organised. The wood plaque can be of any shape or size you desire, depending on the number of keys you want it to hold. To properly space the key holder hooks, keep each hook 2 inches apart in width and 4 inches apart in length. Mark your wood plaque surface with a marker before drilling holes for the key holder hooks. Screw a key holder hook to each hole. Behind the plaque, screw the top of each side with a D ring hanger and it's ready for use.

Coat Hook Hanger

Craft a coat hook hanger out of a wooden plaque and decorate its surface using thick decorative paper or fabric to match your home's interior design. Turn your decorative paper or fabric face down and spray adhesive to the surface of the wood plaque before laying it on top of the paper or fabric. Apply adhesive to the sides and back of the plaque and fold the rest of the paper or fabric to it. Cut off any excess paper or fabric to maintain a smooth surface on the backside of the plaque. Turn your plaque to the front side and use a marker to mark where you want the hooks. Keep the hooks evenly spaced apart and drill into the marks. Screw in the hooks. Hang the wood plaque coat hook hanger on the wall or door by hammering long nails into each corner.

Welcome Sign

Children will enjoy crafting a welcome sign and being greeted by it each time they enter the door. Create a welcome sign out of a wood plaque by painting its surface with your child's favourite colour. When dry, have her paint the word "Welcome" to the surface. She can continue to decorate the surface by painting designs such as a sun in the background or surrounding the word with hearts. To hang the sign, drill a hole in the top corners of the plaque, and loop and knot wire from one hole to the other like the handle of a purse.

Wall Plaque

Wood plaques are like a clean canvas to create art. You can use it to create a wall plaque with a particular design or message. Children can transform the plaque into a sculpture of the family. Using polymer clay, which is available in different colours, have your child sculpt each member of the family. Glue the back side of the clay figures to the wood plaque to form a wall plaque displaying your family.

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