How to Remove Wood Dye

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There are several types of wood dyes that can enhance the look of wood. If you decide you no longer like the appearance of the wood, you may want to remove the dye. There are several methods to removing wood dye, but if you aren't careful when attempting to do so, it is easy to permanently ruin the wood. Luckily, it is possible to safely remove wood dye when you follow a few steps.

Mix the white vinegar and baking soda together with a spoon into a cup to form a paste. Make the paste approximately the consistency of toothpaste.

Apply the paste to the appropriate area of wood. Use a sponge to rub the paste in and cover the area.

Pour some white vinegar into a small spray bottle.

Spray over the area thoroughly with the white vinegar.

Wipe down the area using a soft cloth until the mixture is gone.

Repeat this process until the wood dye is completely removed.

Wipe down the area with a soft cloth dipped in water to remove any leftover remnants of the paste.

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