Grundo Warehouse Cheats

Updated February 21, 2017

Grundos are a species of pet in the fictional online world of Neopia. Neopia is the location for the online game Neopets, which allows users to adopt pets, play games and interact with other players. The Grundos inhabit a space station called the Virtupets Space Station, which floats above Neopia. The space station is also home to one of Neopia's villains, the evil Dr. Sloth.

The Grundo Warehouse

The Grundo Warehouse is an area inside the Virtupets Space Station. To access the Grundo Warehouse, click "Explore" in the main Neopets navigation. Then click the image of the space station on the map or click "Virtupets Space Station" in the list of Neopian lands under the map. When you reach the space station map, click "Grundo Warehouse" in the lower left corner of the page.

Grundo Warehouse Avatar

Inside the Grundo Warehouse, you will see a text box stating, "Enter Virtual Prize Code Here." Enter the code "A384J-228P1" to get a free secret avatar featuring a green Grundo. You will see the message "Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Grundo Warehouse' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!" after clicking the button labelled "Get Your Virtual Item!"

Rare Item Codes

You can get secret codes called Rare Item Codes to redeem at the Grundo Warehouse from Neopets merchandise. Most of Neopets' plushies, video games, trading cards, books, clothing and other products contain a code. Type your code into the text box at the Grundo Warehouse and submit it to get a free rare virtual item.

Space Faerie Avatar

The first time you redeem a Rare Item Code at the Grundo Warehouse, the Space Faerie will challenge you to a battle in the Neopets Battledome. If you defeat the Space Faerie in a fight, you will receive a free Space Faerie avatar. The free code used for the Grundo Warehouse avatar does not count.

Promotional Codes

Neopets occasionally offers free promotional codes to its users, which can be redeemed the same way as the Rare Item Codes from merchandise. Promotional codes have been given on the official Neopets Facebook page in the past. These codes do not trigger the Space Faerie battle challenge.

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