Water Damage Indicators on a BlackBerry

Written by kay ireland
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Water Damage Indicators on a BlackBerry
You'll need to remove your battery to find the BlacBerry's indicator. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Most major cell phone manufacturers use water damage indicators on their devices because water damage can essentially ruin a costly phone. If those phones are still under warranty, it can cost the manufacturer millions of dollars to replace phones that are ruined from user error. BlackBerry phones are no different. The water indicators are found on several places on the phone, so that tech support can tell whether your phone spontaneously malfunctioned or it was ruined by water.

Indicator Locations

Depending on the model of BlackBerry your have, your water damage indicator will likely be in one of three places. The first is on the bottom of your battery. Remove your battery and you should see a small white window. You may also find an indicator underneath the battery in the housing, usually in the upper left or right-hand corner. It's a good idea to examine your BlackBerry to find your water damage indicator when you first buy the phone. Check the indicator often to ensure that water has not damaged your phone.


You may think that dropping your BlackBerry directly into water is the only thing that could affect the water damage indicator. This is incorrect and could leave you upset if you find that your indicator shows damage even when you haven't submerged the phone. The water damage indicator is sensitive enough that steam from a shower, rain or spilling a drink on your BlackBerry could all cause the water damage indicator to change colour and void your warranty. There is no way to reverse the indicator after its been triggered.

What It Means

If your water damage indicator is completely white, has a red line through the middle or is covered in small crosses, your BlackBerry has not been damaged. If the sticker is solid red, pink or black, the phone has detected some sort of moisture damage. This means that if your phone malfunctions, you will not be covered under warranty and will have to pay for repairs or purchase a replacement phone on your own.

What to Do

If your BlackBerry has been submerged in water or has had liquid spilt on it, power down your phone and remove the battery immediately. Place both the battery and your phone in a container of rice, which can help to draw out moisture from the device. Avoid reinserting the battery for 48 to 72 hours, as placing a battery in a damp phone could cause the device to malfunction. Once the phone has completely dried, reinsert the battery and power up. While your phone's warranty has been voided through water damage, you may manage to save the phone for further functionality.

Water Damage Prevention

Obviously, you don't want to put your BlackBerry in contact with liquids. BlackBerry recommends keeping your device in a sleeve or holster to prevent damage. Don't use it near water (e.g., swimming pool, bathroom sink, shower). Don't use liquid cleaners or solvents to clean your BlackBerry; clean it only with a soft, dry cloth after you've disconnected all the cables and unplugged any accessories.

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