Natural Weed Killer Using Rock Salt

Controlling weeds in your lawn and garden helps to keep your landscape looking attractive. When weeds invade your lawn, they can kill grass and surrounding plants because they compete for nutrients and moisture. Make your own weed killer at home with rock salt. Rock salt effectively kills weeds by causing them to dehydrate and die. While rock salt may be safer than chemicals, it must still be applied properly to prevent damage to other plants in your lawn or garden.

Why Salt Works

Rock salt kills plants by drawing water from the foliage. Removing the water from weeds causes them to dehydrate and die. The rock salt is applied to the base of the plant. The moisture remains in the soil but the roots of the weeds can't absorb it. Using salt allows you to avoid applying commercial chemicals to the soil, which can harm the environment. While salt effectively kills weeds, it must be applied carefully to prevent damage to surrounding foliage.

Rock Salt Application

Sprinkle a handful of rock salt around the base of the weeds that you wish to remove. Place the rock salt carefully around the base to prevent it from contacting other plants. Allow the rock salt to sit on the soil for a week until the weeds die. Remove the dead foliage from the ground. Alternatively, to prevent salt build-up in the soil, combine 1 cup of salt with 2 cups of boiling water. Pour the boiling salt water over the weeds to remove them.


Salt can easily call kill surrounding plants around the weeds if you apply the salt too heavily. Apply the salt mixture carefully to ensure that it only kills the weeds. Flush the salt out of the soil with frequent watering after the weeds die to prevent the salt from accumulating in the soil. If too much salt rests in the soil, you may not be able to successfully grow plants in the area. Flush the soil carefully to prevent the salt water from affecting surrounding plants. Salt works best to kill weeds in driveways or concrete cracks because you don't risk killing other plants.


Instead of using rock salt, there are other alternatives and natural methods to remove weeds. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and pour it over the weeds carefully, to prevent splashing it on surrounding plants. Pull the weeds out of the ground by hand to remove the roots. Combine 1 qt. of white vinegar with 118ml. of lemon juice and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the weeds with the vinegar solution to kill them.

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