The Difference Between Red Tab & Signature Series Jeans

Slight details create the difference between Red Tab and Signature Series jeans. Both are manufactured by the Levi Strauss company. Each has been designed for appeal to different consumer groups. The concept for Levi's jeans began in 1873 when Jacob Davis presented Levi Strauss with the idea of using metal rivets to reinforce denim trousers. Levi Strauss jean products are currently available in 110 international consumer markets.


One difference between Red Tab and Signature Series jeans is the inception date for each style. Levi Strauss began manufacturing the Red Tab jean style in 1873. This style was the first jean presented to the mass consumer market. Historians consider the Red Tab style to be the first jean ever created. The company did not unveil its Signature Series line until 2003. Signature Series denim gave Levi Strauss access to a wider consumer base.


Another difference between Red Tab and Signature Series jeans involves design. Red Tab jeans are manufactured using the same specifications developed by Levi Strauss in the late 1800s. The ripped, five-pocket Red Tab jean has a button fly with a faded or distressed finish. Signature Series has a zipper front. The jeans offer wider range of cuts (for example, boot-cut, flare) with no rips. Red Tab jeans are designed to be more form-fitting than Signature series products.


Perhaps the most noticeable difference between Red Tab and Signature Series jeans is the marketing for each product. Levi's retail locations sell Red Tab items. Marketing campaigns feature young, hip and visually appealing models to attract younger consumers who believe the brand is outdated. Signature Series products are available at family-friendly discount retailers including Walmart, Target and Meijer. Red Tab jeans have higher standard retail pricing than Signature Series products due to different target audiences.


The difference between Red Tab and Signature Series jeans include available products. The Red Tab line includes jeans and shirts designed for men and women. All items are designed for maximum comfort and effortless style, achieved through the use of simplistic graphics. The Signature Series line includes products for men, women and children. Signature Series maternity jeans provide a stylish option for expectant mothers. Additional Signature Series products include budget-friendly hats, belts and eyewear accessories.

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